Fitness Machines for Exercise


            In busy and demanding life, modern technology came in form of machines to make life easier. It was saying ‘Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today’ but today’s generation does believe ‘Put off your work tomorrow what you can do today, there might be some machine to do it better tomorrow’. Fitness machines for exercise are also one of the examples. Machines are best for exercise done especially at home, offices and gym. g am is becoming an ongoing and successful business now days working successfully among adults. Gym is not only for young generation but it is equally popular in old aged people too. Body building is getting admired and evenly liked and accepted by every generation. Boys with body building are more likely to be popular among girls and get accepted by girls than boys with light body.


            Importance of fitness exercise is not negligible. If you are a busy person and have a hectic routine and hard to find time for exercise fitness machines for exercise are best solution for you. It fits you without going out or just went far away from home. Now exercise machines are available for specific exercises and body shaping just like if you want to shape your chest and make it out just choose machine that is best suitable for chest shaping. On the other hand if you are fed up from your belly fat choose machine that not only fit your belly but also turn fat into cools packs. Belly packs are in the same way liked by both girls and boys. Now fitness machines are available with many other features including Bluetooth speakers, huge surface, anti-slip surfaces, and vibratory platforms with unique and different designs. Before buying any product just got to any valuable and reliable online website and order machine that suitable for you after reading and understanding explanations. Exercise is the best way to keep your body fit and balance. Our body is designed n such a way that you have to be keep your body engage in physical activates on daily basis in order to keep all the function of your body is in their best working state. All the body fats can be burn with the daily exercise. If you want to keep your body in a synchronize manner then you must have to be kept exercise regularly. But the most important factor is that your exercise steps must be as right as you want to be your body. Because if there is any abnormality during your exercise like exerting extra force while your body is not balance then it will may cause a serious issue.

Blue Fitness Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform | Oscillation, Vibration + 3D Motion | Huge anti-slip Surface | Bluetooth speakers | Ultimate fat Loss | Unique design | get Fit at home

            This blue fitness machine is come up with new and advanced technology having best features in it best suitable for whole body fat. This machine aided in fighting with your fat diligently and motivate you get slim and firm figure. It is entitled with dual motor design best for all aged and heavy weight person. It is a vibrator helps you struggling with your bulgy image and fatty body. This vibrator has 3D vibratory motion that vibrates in every direction evenly. Heavy Vibration made every muscle of the body to shake and help in forming body shape. This vibratory pad has 2 independent internal motors that are enough for extra heavy person to work freely and efficiently. This vibrator is accompanied with Bluefin along with silent drive that is helpful for full body workout by staying at home.

             No more time to hate or concerned about your fat or body that put you on upgrade and forget to switch it off. It’s huge surface design by considering the slippery fact. It is as comfortable and trusty that a healthy person can easily stand on it and its rough surface made more friction and reduces the risk of sweating below feet that make a man stand for long. Its special 3D vibration went deep down in muscle and made vibration in whole body that help shaking. Its huge surface gives a person comfortable place and let your body and mind relaxes and enjoyed it. This shaking help to muscle vibrate and produce rubbing among muscle this way reduce body fat. If you hate dieting and too lazy to done exercise just try this option for once in your life and be consistent with it.

If you thing to approach this product choose Amazon at its best. Its money back guarantee and reliability flatten anyone’s heart and change mind. Its Bluefin’s motor is excellent and hard to beat. Its long lasting efficacy and ability to work in hard condition made it stand and chosen mostly by customers. It has seen people are more likely to choose products if it fits Blufin brand. This vibrator is fitted with Blufin motor its life time motor warranty adds more attraction to it and stay for longer period so, no worries about buying and working of product because it takes by brand on your behalf. This brand claim 100% satisfaction to users and it get launched after several and different attempts from users.


Interestingly, it has some features that made it unique and accepted from all around the world. It designs not only considering the fact of fitness but ease, availability, control, and factors that add attraction to it. This is not only fitness but a full package of loaded home fitness. It is fitted with Bluetooth speakers with high base. It means if you want motivation and energy during exercise just play some hip hop songs on the contrary if you want some peace of mind chose some light tuned songs and melodies. That gives you peace of mind, relaxation and freshness in your mood.

 Moreover it is accompanied with diet plan in case if you want to control your diet and want a quick change in your body shape. Diet plan is made after considering nutrition’s guide with food supplement and best suitable combination. This guide is created by none other than vibration fitness and experts after discussing the facts with nutrition’s and design vibration pads after concerned with physiotherapist. These pads are the great project of physiotherapists after attending hundreds of patients and seeking their problems. These problems lead them to easy, quick and effective response that is helpful for patients. Fitness cables are attached to it as a bonus to it. These cables help in doing exercise in standing position and maintaining balance. These cables are also helpful in performing different workout positions at standing on vibration pads that gives a person double favor. A person can hold these cables and do some extra workout tricks. It has sweating control ergonomic remote that relieve from sweating and make you fresh and light throughout workout. Most of people are highly allergic to sweating and have very sensitive skin to sweating that even few steps of workout made them sweat and bad breath. Obviously bad breath is such a load and considered bad for own as well as for others too. Now, even it is embedded with a new feature of controlling sweat level and leaves an effect of lightened and fresh.

Extra advantage

            There are different fitness options you can choose while performing exercise. It is escort with two options one is vibration and second one is oscillations. It’s so many features are definitely crushed your heart and reconsidering your thoughts if you decided to choose any other brand or product. You can choose vibration mood and oscillation as separately and as well as with combination of both. In combination it gives you 10 different levels along with more than 5 programs that provide you different workout options. These programs are helping you in deducting muscles fat and made your exercise interesting to be done. Now it’s all up to you which level and program you wish to chose. Of course, you can switch one level to other and one program to other any time you wish for or you think you need to. These levels are designed from beginner level to expert level and adjusting the frequency of vibration according to it. Guided exercise map is also available that has complete guidance of use of the product and setting that you supposed to chose at different levels according to your body shape and weight.

Now no more worry to double chin and double belly fats, vibratory pads are always there for you to choose best option. If you are looking for full body exercise but don’t want to exercise hard you just need to buy vibratory pads and be study like a turtle. You might be slow but your steadiness wins firm body shape one day. Before starting and continuing your work out it is highly advised to take of your health and diet. Too much dieting and exercise may hazardous to your health. Be safe and strong!

This product is available on Amazon online website cost only $249.99. This product is also shipped in Pakistan but import fees and shipping charges of $617.74 added to it.  you may seek for coupons if it is available to you and save from your money.

Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

This product is a fitness reality 1000 plus, magnetic rower rowing machines for full body workout. Bluetooth magnetic because this product uses the phenomena of radio waves without using any cable or wire that can connect with your devices. We all are well aware of rower rowing machines these are used commonly now a day in every part of the world. Exercise using rower rowing machines help to keep you posture straight and strong. Different parts of the machines are including a damp that can use the due to which control the drag factors that are force of stroke, a handle to positioned your arm and hands, sliding seat which helps in exercise and frame lock system which help in the storage of machine. Rower exercise can help to increase the muscles of shoulder which include rhomboids muscles, and stable them. Muscles in the upper back of the body those are trapezius muscles they are major cause of giving posture to the upper part of the body. And last muscles in lower back of the body. These all muscles help to increase the posture straight, provides strength to the muscles and reduce pain in back bone, above all burns the calories due to which people mainly exercise keeping in front of that reason rower rowing machines are introduced. Rowing machines is much better than treadmill because treadmill only reduce the amount of calories but rower rowing machines also provides the strength and shape to the muscles, also play important role in cardio workout. This rower rowing machines is used for both upper part of the body and lower part of the body that’s provide the additional exercise in different ways. full body target impact on workout main points of focus are forearm, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, thighs, and many more with the help of additional exercise. Slide rail length/inseam of the machine is 39. Main purpose is to provide fitness that can help by only Bluetooth rower presented the market. Additional app for our user named as my cloud fitness app available on IOS and androids for tracking your workout results that help to estimate your work and aware you about your goal remaining distance. There three main goal setting which are time, distance and calories burned. This helps you know about your latest progress, the time will notify you how long you work and distance explain your covering and calorie burned notifies you how many you burn your fats today these all are just notifying your progress. Extra wide handle bar/14 level tension, there is 21.5 extra wide grip form handle bar this form handle bar provides you comfortable grips for different type of workout exercises.14 level of dual transmission magnetic tension resistance. Tension holds on to the Trans reverse magnetisms. More our muscles have tension more they stretch and get strength and prominent muscles. You can exercise with different method on single rower rowing machine, that are including patent pending front stabilizer foot pads allows for additional exercise such as curls, this provides you strength and with the help of curls exercise you can notice the different in shape and strength within just few days’ work. Upright rows due to this exercise you can build your muscle size increase this can increase the size of biceps and especially prominent the trapezius muscle and make traps of your body. And increase the lateral head of deltoid cavity, and increase the width of your shoulder. Next is bent over rows these are especially for weight training and increase the size of your back muscles, triceps extension as the name shows its work they are helpful for triceps muscles. Front raises these work in flexion and extension of muscles of arm increase shoulder stability and keep the deltoid process in its position. Shrugs these take care of the shoulder strength and upper back muscles. Standing shoulder presses also help to increase the shoulder strength and trapezius muscles. And many more exercises for the perfect posture of the body. This capacity is 250 lbs. large seat that is about 3.5” LCD displays distance time, total count, calories burned, stokes per min and scan. There is a large cushion seat (13.5” *11” w) that is comfortable for our customer to exercise peacefully. The seat is perfect for the person with height ranges between the (4.9”-6.6”).There is fold in the machine that is used to bend the machine and store separately. The fold size is 39.5” * 21.5 w *53.5” H. THIS ROWER ROWING MACHINES is safe without any side effects if you use with proper guide and techniques.

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform

This Bluefin fitness vibration platform is design to weight loss. Exercise is the best way to lose weight or fat. Losing weight is about increasing physical activity and decreasing caloric intake. Exercise is an important factor in every one’s life. Our bodies are designed in such a way that we have to be evolved in activities on regular basis in order to keep your body is active or perfect. But there is a problem for beginner that they don’t know what exercise is best for them.


This machine is upgraded modal with new design that is specially made with silent motors and builds in speakers. This vibrator helps to lose weight and tone up fast with ultimate vibration platform available in the market. The vibrating motion of your muscles can help in the losing your fat. During vibration muscles perform more work as there is a long period of vibration. The more you exercise the more your body weight loses. Fitness machine for exercise can tone up the posture and provide strength to the body. This devise has BMI and calories sensor and monitor that will notifies you. This machine has anti slip surface and provides dynamic strength due to which falling chances from the machine are reduced. This machine has 360 degree rotate the disk plate. The vibration of the machine is linear and vertical. The latest feature is silent drive motor which is fit on the pro model which is under the range of 55 dB in volume. Normal human hearing range is lie between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This machine volume lies below the range that’s why we call these machine silent motors. Basically they are sound free. The product is made in German and design there, Bluefin fitness vibrator motor build strong enough that can last for a lifetime. We are that confident about our product. We offer you a lifetime warranty on the motor itself.

Muscles Workout:

Muscles contract with the vibration more than normal exercise does. This shows the rapid result without showing the high intensity of workout. The main target of this Bluefin is fitness vibratos to keep the muscles in define shape and size. This can enhance your routines. This also improves the weight loss target for the trainer; due to the exercise on this machine you can burn your fats and calories. During vibration process the abdomen, pelvic and back muscles works hard. This can increase strength and athletic power. This routine should make you regular or comfortable while doing hard work later. This Bluefin pro model is designed to the target those stubborn fat areas, stubborn areas that are difficult to reach normally, they need a special vibrator or the machine to burn their fats problems. While increasing the muscle mass at the same time, and place the body at normal mass point. Due to the vibration of high frequency the full body vibrate subconsciously contract the muscles in the body 1000s of time per minute, due to which the burning of large amount of calories occurs. It wills give you all over toned look. When the proper time given to the exercise it will be shows the result effectively within just few days. Burning of fats and calories are all we want and expect from exercise. This full package includes workout exercise cords to tone your arm as well and upper body parts. Work out posture to help you with different workout positions, you can try different position for exercise to get the effective result accurately, for the guidance of the customer there is full instruction manual tools that is provided with Bluefin vibrator fitness in different languages those are (English, Germans, Spanish, French, Italian), and UK and EU. Power cables are also provided to the customers. Build in speakers that is exciting feature for the users now the workout doesn’t have to be boring now, you can tune into your favorite radio channel program or pod cast and is relax while you work out. This Bluefin fitness vibrator provides the 100% warranty.

Go plus Core, Exercise Machine

Go plus core and the abdominal trainers help to burn the fats and abdominal calories fast. This is specifically design for the abdominal exercise. If you have to build your muscles or you want to lose the fat of abdominal region, our go plus exercise machine is the best to make your wishes become true. You don’t have to worry about your abs if you want to be your perfect six abs then our product is with you to achieving your goal. 


Height of the machine is adjustable according to the need. Any exercise can cause serious effect because of your improper balance or steps of your exercise. The slight change in your body position can cause great effect on you. Like during exercise you may be exerting too much force that will create your internal damage. So in order to solve all these problem we just made the height of machine is adjustable. Everyone can adjust the height of cage according to their body height. And it will be compulsory for everyone that you just have to adjust the height of the machine according to you. It will be the most effective way to perform exercise. And it will also help in the building of your abs in fine shapes. There are three levels of the adjustable height that makes possible to occupy the specific intensity that train differently in different ways. There are different ways of exercise on a single machine that is go plus core and abdominal trainer machine. Due to the adjustable height you can find out the most favorable position or point to perform the different exercise in different ways to do the maximum work out for the efficiency of the muscles. There are different possible convenient for the trainers is to be exercise in different ways with different body parts. There is no only one type of exercise perform by athletes or trainers. But there are different exercises you can perform with the help of our fitness machine for exercise, go plus.

Quality of Product:

This is a sturdy and stable construction here the sturdy means that strange and different structure of the machine body, the structure of the machine is made up of heavy-duty iron material, this machine has an abdominal crunch twist trainer features that have stability and durability. The abdominal crunches are the most workable exercise that strengthen and reduce the detox of the body. This machine has firm and strong structure with double power that can bear the damage and pressure. Go plus core and abdominal machine is solid enough to stand against the high weight up to 220 lbs that is fitting for most adults. The rectangular structure of this machine shows the stability, also provided with high quality cushion seat and handles, due to its stability this abdominal trainer can serve you for a long time. Go plus abdominal trainer have comfortable design with thick form, the feature of this machine is perfectly fits with the curves of the human body, and your body spine shape, back and neck. The thick round form is movable around its axis when you roll up or down or rock the form provides the strong grip. This machine can eliminate the strain of your back and neck. And reduce the back pain and neck pain. Wide PU leather cushion and cushion wrapped handle provides you comfortable workout experience. This goes plus core and abdominal trainer machine is not only suitable for gym use this machine can be use in house or any indoor place that is comfortable for trainers. No matter whether you are in home or in gym it is applicable to tone your thighs, buns, abdominal and chest muscles this provide strength to your muscles and give them the proper shape.

Building Muscles:

You can enjoy the benefits of workout and have perfect body shape and size with same functional training machine. The abdominal muscles which are consist of external onlique, internal oblique, transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis. This machine will help you to be built you’re all above mention muscles that will be the result as an abs formation. The spine like handle of this machine is rotate able have three different rods like stand covered with cushion form to give the perfect shape to your body. This goes plus core and abdominal exercising equipment have multi-functional work. You can enjoy its great performance for whole body exercise including push-ups, air bike, in this type exercise you have to raise your legs upwards and back downward to the floor of the machine, stretching and muscles intensifying. These exercises can boost the energy level and provide strength to your muscles. You can also use this go plus core and abdominal machine trainer for arms exercise, abdominal, legs, buttocks and other parts to help you have a perfect body shape. Due to proper exercise of arms and abdominal you can develop the muscles shape and this can reduce the detox and prevent your skin from deformed shape.Special note this product never ships to Pakistan so check the other seller who work internationally.

Lat Pull Machine, Arm Machine

Exercise is an important factor in every one’s life. Our bodies are designed in such a way that we have to be evolved in activities on regular basis in order to keep your body is active or perfect. But there is a problem for beginner that they don’t know what exercise is best for them. It’s very important to know what exactly you have to do and what steps exactly you have to do in your daily routine exercise. So there are lots of exercise machine in the market that will help you in your exercise. There are lots of machine in the market that will help you in your exercise.

Quality of Product:  

There is strength training machines that help in you to strengthening your muscles. The exercise machine which mostly concentrate on your arm’s muscles, biceps or triceps. Our lat pull machine has a good quality material. The material use in our fitness machine for exercise is the best quality of material.  In this exercise machine there is a basic concept use is pulley system. As pulley is help in the movement of heavy object with the alternation of the direction of movement. The system use in our lat pull machine is including high and low row pulley system. This lat pull machine is helping you to be in strengthening your target muscles. The primarily target of the fitness machine for exercise is latissimus dorsi. It will also work on the synergist and antagonist of your arm.  It will help you to be in the development of your muscles and it will gives you the advantages of your muscles. The pulley system will help you to be in your exercise. The powerful mechanical advantages of pulley are that you can use as much as pulley you want. The mechanical advantages will be increase with the increase of the numbers of pulleys. The numbers of pulleys will decrease the amount of force that will be acted by you in order to raise the object during exercise. There is nylon coated wire use our lat pull fitness machine for exercise. Nylon coated wires are stainless steel or galvanized steel bales. These both quality materials combine to form a best wire that will use in our lat pull machine. The diameter of nylon coated cables have smallest diameter but the strength of these cables are best for our machines. These cables used in medical industry, in the construction of fitness machines for exercise. The rail of our machine is made from 2” x 2” chrome. This can help in the smooth guides of cables on the rail. The grips of the machine have two bars. One of them is 39 and the other one is 20. There are low row bar with attachments. And the attachment is present with the foam grips.

There is an adjustment system for your convenience. You can extended lower rear case bar. This adjustment provides you extra space during your exercise. You can fit your branches and footrest during your exercise for the ease of you. This feature provides you the fitting feature that will help you in your exercise. There are different length f legs and arms of different people. You can adjust your fitness machine for exercise according to your length of limbs. There is a weight plate storage post. The storage plate is 6.5 inches long. The weight storage plate is the actual weight that can be lifted by you during exercise. This weight storage plate is lifted during exercise and this lifting force is exerted by your muscles, arm muscles. It is the main focus of our lat pull. The weight plate use in our machine is Olympic and standard weight plate. The weight plate is made from standard material. And there is a two 1 inch spring clip collars include. The clip is used to connect plates with clip collars.


            There is a long safety bars present and also there is a leg hold down. The leg hold down can be shifted during exercise and it will be adjustable foe the convenience for you. This long safety bar is present for the comfort for you. It will provide you the comfortable position during exercise. During exercise you can adjust the position of long safety bar and also adjust the position of leg hold down for you comfort. During exercise it is the best thing that you have to do exact steps of every exercise. If you are doing exercise with wrong steps then you have to face their consequence because it will be too harm for your health. But the safety bar in our fitness machine for exercise can help you to do exercise with perfection. The height can be adjustable. You can adjust the height of the machine with the help of long safety bar. You can move the long safety bar up and down, it will provides you the best position during exercise as it will keep you safe from all damages that can be harmful for you. The cage height is the thing that you have to pay more attention to it. If the height of cage is high or low according to you then it can cause some serious issue. There is an adjustable foam roller.  You can also adjust the foam roller according to your position, comfortable position.

Muscles Building:

            Our fitness machine for exercise can build your upper back muscles, muscles of shoulder and arms. You can perform wide lat pull down, lat pull over, triceps extension and more. All these exercise will help your muscles to be strong muscles. This fitness machine for exercise is a ball bearing pulley system that can provide smooth operation during exercise.

            Our lat pull is designed to be used with FITNESS REALITY 810XLT but power cage is not included. Olympic plates needed to be used but the adapter which is also an Olympic adapter sleeves is not included. The weight plates used in lat pull is 270lbs.

Murtisol Stationary Bike

Murtisol stationary bike, this the type of indoor cycling bike for health purposes that is used to burn fats and calories, with cycling you can develop the muscles of hamstring, quadriceps muscles also increase the biceps and triceps of the body. The time interval for the exercise must be 15 to 20 minutes at least 4 to 5 day of a week. Feature of this murtisol stationary bike is its folding indoor with the help of the twister plate, by twisting its moving plate upward you can move this machine anywhere with comfortable force. By paddling you can increase the strength of your calf muscles and abdominal muscles. With attach to the twister plate there are push up handles that can effectively burns your calories to get slim waist and strengthen the core and provides aerobic benefits. By paddling all the muscles of lower limb work fast and stretch to increase the strength of the muscles. Aerobic exercises are those in which breathing and cardiovascular rate is increase gradually. Push up also help to improve the strength of cardiovascular health. They are beneficial for the upper body parts. They also strengthen the lower body parts after a proper workout.


There is an extra-large and adjustable seat that can help for proper adjustment of the sitting arrangement. This seat is large cushion type with the padded pad and hand bars. There are 6 different levels for adjusting the seat height that suit for person inseam from 31-36 inch. You can also adjust the width of seat from origin point that is fixed. There is a 3.5” LCD screen that shows pulse rate. There is an advance feature of this machine is to calculate the cardiovascular rate there are pulse sensors placed on each handle bar that notifies you when the cardiovascular rate exceeded from the normal range that is set on the screen automatically. On murtisol stationary bike there are resistance bands fix on the back of the screen due to which you can work out with your arm that will increase the strength of your upper limb, and this will help to stretch out the chest muscle, biceps muscles, triceps muscles and increase their mobility after the proper exercise of the upper arm muscles of the chest will get tighten and prevent the skin from getting deformed. There three main goal setting which are time, distance and calories burned. This helps you know about your latest progress, the time will notify you how long you work and distance explain your covering and calorie burned notifies you how many you burn your fats today these all are just notifying your progress. By using these bands to intensify your muscles that show the strength of the body within the early days you will notice the result and build up your body beach shape. Compact folding both the bike and the twister plate can be folded and unfolded according to your need. The folding size is 20*23*55*. Save a lot of space when the machine is not under usage. Special note this product never ships to Pakistan so check the other seller who work internationally.

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