Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth

With the advancements in technology, all types of gadgets are being updated to offer customers the latest new products. One thing which has gained a lot of popularity is the touch screen laptops. They have a touch-friendly operating system, which is easy and fun to use. Drawing and playing games on a touch screen is far more interesting and convenient than using buttons to do so. There are multiple reasons for touch laptops to have so much hype all over the world. Almost every laptop under the sun currently has a touch screen. Markets are flooded with such laptops but all are not the same. They don’t provide you with the best experience and some are low quality while some are high-quality touch screen laptops. The Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth is mostly tuned for a utility of digital pen and some amazing specialized features. While the low-quality ones are only able to detect when you will scroll up or down on any web page or another type of document. If you are looking for the Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth and have not made a choice yet then this is the ideal place for you to get all the information, You will need to make your decision. We have found top 10 touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth available in the market right now for gaming lovers. It’s for everyone, whether you want to be part of the touch screen revolution, upgrade to most advanced laptops available, or if you plan to buy a gift for someone who is crazy after gaming, you have come to the right place. All these touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth will give you the best value for money and a great experience.   

1. HP Spectre x360 (13-inch, 2019) 

As soon as this laptop hit the stores it was loved by people for its sleek design, distinctive colors, faceted edges, and many other advanced features. What makes it a top pick are not only these features of or the design only but it has a great battery life which lasts for 12 hours, very powerful speakers, excellent performance, and bright high-quality screen display. Its the Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth for anyone looking for an all-rounder laptop, ultra-book or a 2 in 1 gaming laptop.

There are 2 models one is with 8 GB ram and a 256 GB  NVMe M.2 SSD, an Intel UHD 620 GPU and a 13.3-inch, 1080p touch-screen display. Second is 16 GB ram and 512 GB SSD. You have one more option as well. If you want a better display then you can get it for $100 on the initial price to get the screen upgraded.

Coming towards the ports first, this Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth does not come with too many ports. The few ports which it has are of supreme quality and are functional. It has a Thunderbolt 3 port which enables users to transfer things at a blazing fast speed. Thunderbolt port also has the capability to connect it with an external GPU. This Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth has a micro sdd, mic jack on the right side. A lobe USB 3.1 type -A port is located on the left side, it is something which is not coming in most ultra-books and manufacture are trying to make them slimmer. This laptop has an edge like this that it contains this port.

All its ports are placed on the correct side and in an ideal way except for one illuminate button. Its position edit a way that when a person will hold it in tablet mode, you can turn in to sleep mode if you don’t do it carefully.

Talking about the display it has a sharp and bright display. Watching movies, TV shows, and play games is a lot of fun on this touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth. Well, the keyboard is extremely comfortable and easy to use. The keys feel the punch and give its customers great tactile feedback. The simple decent font used by Hp on the keys made it elegant and sophisticated. The speakers of spectra X360,s are simply amazing. They are top firing speakers which can blast the audio very loud.

If we talk about graphics they are average in terms of an ultra-book. For graphics-intensive work, a discrete GPU s required. Overall they are good and gaming lovers will not face many issues. This laptop is the winner in terms of battery life, which can last up to12 hours, depending on how much your usage.

This laptop comes with a one-year warranty. Spectra X360,s is undoubtedly one of the Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth on the market, which performs great in all areas.

2. Samsung Chrome book Pro

Samsung chrome book is the next generation chrome book on the market. It’s one of the Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth as it utilizes the convergence of Chrome OS and Android to its full capacity. The reason this laptop is in the list of 10 Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth is the astonishing design along with fascinating emulation of the Android apps available on the Google play store. It is designed to give solid experience to the customers with an 8gbm ram, a wonderful display, good battery life. Coming towards the design its made of plastic and is of good quality, which was something unexpected. The hinge is flexible and is occupied with the ability to tilt the screen to 180 degrees. The size makes it easier to carry along while traveling. The keyboard of the Samsung chrome book is convenient to use. It is designed to fit your fingers which makes it comfortable for the user. They are well-sized and have been designed in a way that full benefit of the width has been taken in order for people with bigger fingers to use it properly. However, the keyboard could have been better if there was more distance between the keyboard and the power button. Moreover, if there would have been a light to indicate that for how long one must press the power button to turn on or off the device would have been a great thing. The keyboard has a flexibility problem. As there is no flexing around the keyboard.

Overall the touchpad is great for an 11-inch it is made up of smooth material and it can be navigated by slightly tapping the surface.

This Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth is comprised of 3 different ports. It also has a battery indicator, a slim jack for AC adapter, a US 2.0 port and a full-size HDMI port along with a micro card SD space. On the other side, there is a USB 3.0 port along with an audio and microphone combination jack.

Samsung chrome book gained a lot of popularity mainly due to its exceptional screen display. It’s of high quality and has a bright screen than most of its competitors. If we see the speakers . They have a clear loud sound enough to fill a small round with sound. It cannot be a good one for a bigger space. Hence they are less versatile compared to some other laptops available at the moment. The battery life is good, but for gaming, it was supposed to be slightly higher. It can work for 9 hours.

The downside of this touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth is that it gets a bit warm after some time. The touch pad and keyboard tend to stay cooler for a longer time however the undersides tend to cause trouble as It gets hot a bit earlier. There are 3 different variations if the chrome book. The unit which has been reviewed is the one with 400,4gb ram and 1.6-GHz Intel Celeron N3060 processor.

Overall this is a laptop which is offering great features and a quality product at an affordable price. If you plan to give try to a chrome OS then is the best option for you which will give an ideal gaming experience.

Asus Chromebook Flip C434 

This is the third Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth. It is packed with a bundle of amazing features and much more. This laptop comes with a sleek design, better larger display, and powerful performance. It has a 14-inch panel of quality.

This model consists of 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. There are other models with up to 8gb ram.  

First, let’s talk about the ports. The Asus chrome book has less space for the ports then what is mostly expected in a laptop. It does not have the Thunderbolt 3 port, however, it offers all the necessary ports required. The first port is USB 3.1 .which is type A port, a USB C port and also a headphone jack on the left side of the chassis. It has the microSD card on the right side.

It is one of the Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth with a 14-inch screen and a wide, bright display. The silver display makes it look elegant and decent. This is a lightweight laptop which is easy to carry around and fit into the luggage. The display is simply wonderful, it will definitely catch your attention with its 1080p t touch screen which is bright and of high quality. If I compare it with its predecessor it’s more vibrant compared to them. Asus chrome book flip 434 comes with an island-style keyboard. It keys are properly placed giving its users a good experience. This laptop provides key travel of 1.3 millimeters which is not recommended at least it should be of around 1.5-2mm. This is something not to worry about as it still works perfectly and is on the list of Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth. The sound quality and range are superb. The sound is loud enough for large room space. The vocals can be easily heard and one can distinguish easily between the instruments. The battery is far more than its older editions. It can stay up to 10 hours which is great for gamer. They can play as many games as they want without worrying about battery life much.

This is undoubtedly one of the Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth. It comes with a one-year warranty. This is highly recommended to people planning to switch to Chrome OS. It has all that is needed a premium design, good quality thin displays, vivid design and much more.

..HP Pavilion x2 10t

This is the fourth laptop on our list of Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth. This laptop is available at a reasonable price which makes it a great option for people who don’t have a budget. This outstanding device comes with a plastic body, great speakers, long battery life and strong performance. It’s ideal for kids who don’t use laptops with much care. Hp pavilion X2 can be a good device for them to play games, surf the web and much more.

Coming towards its design, its superb with a clear plastic body, which is reliable and looks great. It has the button for windows and power,   rest of the controls are located on the top right corner. It can easily be converted to a tab shape which makes it convent to use, depending on your requirement. For the price and size of this machine, the keyboard is fairly fine. It’s 11×10 which is a little small in size compared to what other competitors are offering with the same size laptops. It’s not a big problem, overall it works great even with this size of the keyboard as well.

The 1280 x 800 touch screen offers its, customers, great display. It has right vivid colors makes gaming and watching movies fun on this laptop.

Apart from this what makes this laptop one of the Best touch screen gaming laptop with Bluetooth is the speakers. They are loud, offers clear sound and overall gives a wonderful listening experience. For the price you are paying for the laptop,  speakers are for sure inordinate. This device comprises of 2gb ram and 32gb eMMC flash storage. The storage can be extended up to 64gb.

The battery life of this machine is also long, it’s about 9 hours and 33 minutes, which is awesome for gaming. It comes with a 1 year warranty. Here is the link of Amazon from where you can easily buy this laptop.

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