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Best 1.Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse, E2Pro Noiseless Click with 2.4G Optical Mice 3 Adjustable DPI Levels with USB Receiver (updated 2020)

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If you are looking for a gaming mouse that you only have to buy once and it could las for a decade this is it. This mouse has a beautiful dark black matt design on the top that makes it a beautiful sight to witness. The matt design of the mouse also makes it easier to grip and use. The stronger grip due to the matt finish also ensures that the mouse would not move around under your hand unless you want it to.

This mouse is extremely accurate having a DPI of 1600 which means that the mouse would operate extremely accurately. The regular setting is 1200 but you could use other levels of DPI depending on the sensitivity of the cursor that you would prefer to use. The DPI of 1600 ensures that your mouse has better accuracy as compared to other mouses that are available to do the same job as this one but not as good as it could do it. There are three different DPI settings ensuring that you get the best accuracy and the best results possible while you are using the mouse.

This mouse comes equipped with a silent mode that ensures that your mouse would not make noise as you click it but would still understand that you used it by the feel of the click. This comes in quite handy when you need to work at night and don’t want to wake up or disturb anyone resting near you. Many people are of the belief that solely due to this feature this mouse has become too much popular among the people that require them for gaming or for working.

Another very special feature about this mouse is the extended battery mode which essentially runs your mouse on low power and it required less energy to operate. This saves a lot of time of recharging the batteries every now and then. This mouse uses two AAA sized batteries in order to function. You could use the original ones that usually last around a year or you could buy yourself some rechargeable batteries in order to get the worth out of your wireless mouse.

Quick Features:

  • Amazingly Accurate: The awesome DPI level of 1600 insures that the mouse is very accurate in portraying the hand gestures on the screen as you move the mouse.
  • Bold Built: It has a special matt black finish and the dark black color with that finish gives it a very sublime look and its also very easily controllable.
  • Silent Mode: The silent mode is probably the biggest attraction about this mouse that helps you to click it without making a sound.
Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse
Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse

Pros & Cons

  • Beautifully built
  • Amazing accuracy
  • Silent mode
  • The AAA batteries are still not good as a built in battery

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