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Top Uciefy AJ302 Wireless Gaming Mouse, 2.4G RGB LED RECHARGE (updated 2020)

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If you are into PC or laptop gaming then this mouse is everything that you have been looking for. This monster has a DPI of 5000 that makes it an amazing gaming companion. In order to properly understand this you need to make sure that you know what a DPI is. DPI (Dots per inch) is a measure of how many dots would the cursor move if you move around the optical sensor by an inch. A DPI level of 5000 means that the optical sensor being used in this wireless mouse is state of the art and would be an amazing fit for a gaming laptop or a gaming PC. we are going to discuss aboutUciefy AJ302 Wireless Gaming Mouse, 2.4G RGB LED RECHARG

Furthermore, there are 6 levels of different adjustments available for the DPI and each one has its own unique color scheme to help you identify which one it is. The colors are Red 500 DPI ,blue 1200 DPI, green 2000 DPI, yellow 3000 DPI, purple 5000 DPI and orange with 4000 DPI, by default blue i.e. 1200 is the setting used for DPI in the mouse. 

This product also offers you an 800 mAh battery which has been incorporated inside the mouse’s interior. This battery ensures that the mouse can be used for up to 1.5 days after recharging roughly up to 40 hours of use after it has been fully charged. After this you could let it sits while it charges or simply plug the charger in and enjoy your game as you were doing so before. The longer battery helps ensure that you are never out of power when you need the mouse and you can conveniently plug it back in for charging after you are done with it.

This particular product is a plug and play model which means that your device will not have to install any sorts of additional drivers to run this device perfectly. It can simply be plugged into a computer supporting any version of windows, a mac book or a PC and would be good to go right after you plug the receiver in. The shape of this mouse is built in a way that they would not have any difficulty in handling and operating this mouse. The material used to make this mouse is of such a fine matt finish that it instantly grips to your hand and never slips away easily. This could come quite in handy when you are in the final rounds of those games you are going to play using this wireless mouse.

Quick Features:

  • Outstanding battery: This mouse has a battery life of almost 40 hours after it has been fully charged and the battery charging cable is five feet long in case you need to charge it while using it.
  • Comfortable handling: The most amazing feature about this product it the amazing built which makes it so easy to use and operate this mouse.
  • Adjustable DPI: The DPI of this mouse is up to 5000 which means that this mouse on the right settings would detect even the slightest of movements and would not let you commands go unnoticed.
  • Universal Compatibility: It can be used on almost all operating systems to just by plugging the receiver in and enjoying it afterwards.
Uciefy AJ302 Wireless Gaming Mouse
Uciefy AJ302 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing battery endurance
  • Comfortable to handle
  • 5000 DPI
  • 2.4 G wireless transmission
  • A bit too costly

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