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Top Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse for Laptop Mac Pro Air Bluetooth Wireless Mouse (Updated 2020)

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Some people out there only use MacBook’s. Many people use it because it has a very user friendly operating system. Some people use a MacBook for specifically developing applications related to Apple OS. Whatever the reason may be if you are looking for a mouse that fits perfectly with your apple MacBook then you should select this mouse. It has a very slim and sleek design and is perfect for people for keeping up with their glamourous appearances. Due to the very sleek design it matches perfectly with the MacBook like an Apple product.

This mouse comes with a special lithium made 450 MAh battery that is able to last a long time without requiring to be charged. The battery could be charged within an hour and a half and able to last for up to 3 to 4 months depending on your usage of the mouse. The mouse also has an in built power saving mode which turns the mouse off if the receiver is disconnected from the laptop or the laptop itself is switched off.

The mouse has an amazing DPI of 1600 and is available in three different DPI levels that could easily be changed. These DPI levels are 1000, 1200 and 1600. The normal setting recommended for you is 1200 DPI for better results. You may adjust it as you like in order to get better results.

If you are into normal work the regular settings of 1200 DPI would work fine. However, if you are too much into gaming then you are supposed to adjust it to 1600 for better accuracy and faster motions while you are playing your games.

This mouse comes equipped with special 4.0 Bluetooth technology that allows it to deliver swift and fast commands while you are using it. The Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology means that you could use the mouse for sending signals even from a distance of about forty meters. This means that your gaming experiences or work won’t be interrupted if you have to operate the device from a distance.

Quick Features:

  • In Built battery: With an in built batter you would not have to go out and get cells for your mouse you simply have to plug it in for charging for once every quarter
  • Accuracy guaranteed: With a DPI of 1600 you are sure to get the most accurate results while using the mouse.
  • Sleek look: It is a perfect companion for your other sleek gadgets and would fit right in like a piece of the puzzle you have been looking for. You also get 6 different colors to choose from.
Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse
Rechargeable Bluetooth Mouse

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing shape
  • Highly accurate
  • Beautiful design
  • Not that durable

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