Detox Coffee with 100% Arabica Coffee

Detox Coffee with 100% Arabica Coffee – All Natural Ingredients, Cleanse and Detox Body, Supports Weight Loss, Fast Results, Great Taste –FDA Certified and Organic (30 Servings)


  • Rich coffee taste UP! Belly Bloating DOWN!! –The aromatic and smooth flavor of 100% Arabica coffee will help you get rid of belly bloat.
  • Great tactic for burning body fat! – Garcinia cambogia extract, Green coffee bean Extract contains healthful and good ingredients for us who often have high carb intake.
  • Delicious but NOT addictive! – If you did not drink coffee because you worried of gaining weight or being dependent on caffeine, now you can enjoy coffee as you wish.
  • Boost your energy! -Start your day with body & fit detox coffee and feel more energetic & refreshed.
  • All natural organic ingredients with no artificial flavor.





Never too late! 
BODY&FIT Detox coffee; for those of you who dream of making beneficial changes.

No more excessive dieting for your body!
BODY&FIT DETOX coffee contains not only Garcinia cambogia but also Green tea extract and Acai berry extract for your body. Yes, your health and well-being matters to us!
Moreover, we only use all organic, natural ingredients! Body&FIT detox coffee will support and help you achieve your yearly goal: losing weight!

Please put a teaspoon of coffee(0.11oz, 3g) in warm water(5fl oz, 150ml) and stir it and drink.
You can put some sugar or milk like latte if you want.

All Natural Organic Ingredients
1. 100% Arabica Instance Coffee- low caffeine content and flavor is good, you can enjoy coffee delicious and healthy
2. Garcinia Cambogia – helps prevent calories from being stored as fat and boost fat-burning
3. Green Coffee Bean Extract – promoting the body to break down body fat to supplement energy
4. Green Tea Extract – break down fat, burning fat
5. Acai Berry Extract – help keep you feeling fuller longer, which assists in weight control and reducing the absorption of fat


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